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Project Description
Wrappers for WinInet and more.

The function INET.URL is a replacement for the Excel 2013 WEBSERVICE function but instead of returning a string, it returns a handle to a string. The string, or any substring, can be retrieved using STR.GET.

Comma separated value data can be retrieved from a string handle using CSV.GET. Use the cell menu macro Adust to plop the appropriately sized result into your spreadsheet.

JSON data Is a two stage process because is can be recursive. Use JSON.PARSE on the string handle to get a handle to the underlying JSON object and JSON.GET to return the underlying data. (Adjust works for this too. In fact, for any array function.)

JSON objects are two column ranges of key-value pairs. If the value is an array or another JSON object, the key gets prepended with an asterisk (*) and a handle to the array or object is the value. Use JSON.GET to keep drilling down. The cell menu macro Expand works somewhat like Adjust except it places the two column array just to the right of the cell. This is handy for peeking at data.

You can retrieve values by key using JSON.VALUE. It knows about the asterisk convention. You can also just type the first couple of characters of the name and it tries to find the best match.

Some good spots to start spelunking the vast amount of data our world generates are and Be sure to sign up for an API key with the later.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch using the DISCUSSIONS tab if you have questions or feedback. Enjoy!

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